Oak Wilt Management

San Antonio Oak Wilt Management Service

Here at Action Tree Service, LLC we understand the importance of oak wilt identification to help protect trees from this often-deadly fungus. Oak wilt can quickly damage or even destroy previously healthy trees.

Unfortunately, infected trees generally lose branches and don’t regain their former pruning properties even if the disease is halted.

Ceratocystis fagacearum is the fungus responsible for damage to red oaks, white oaks and live oaks throughout Texas. Some oak trees have disease resistance, but for most oaks it’s a persistent and lethal problem that strikes without warning.

Although certain fungicides can be applied for suppression to stop the disease from spreading further, a permanent cure hasn’t been developed.

Schedule Management of Diseased Oaks

We have a Texas Oak Wilt Certification, which means we’ve received intensive training on disease identification, as well as proper oak wilt management.

A common oak wilt prevention method requires digging trenches in order to break the root connection between each tree. For homeowners, it’s important to burn leftover firewood before warm weather arrives to reduce the chance of dangerous fungus spore development and spread.

If you believe you have diseased trees on your property or would like more information on oak wilt treatment options, please call us at (210) 880-0980.